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Virtual & Hybrid CPE Programs

Advance Your Professional Development with Quality Auditing,

Accounting & Fraud Risk Management CPE Programs

Live CPE Webinars 

Above is an example of what our live CPE webinars are like. Each quarter we offer a series of five or six 2-hour live, NASBA-approved Continuing Professional Education (CPE) online webinar programs. To get the greatest value, register for each full seasonal series (10-12 CPE credits in each). If you prefer to register for individual sessions, you can do that as well. All CPE programs run 11 AM – 1 PM U.S. Eastern time.

Hybrid Live/Virtual Courses

Our hybrid programs feature a combination of on-site live skills training followed by online virtual sessions to reinforce and expand on skills covered in the initial live event. They all include targeted action checklists, one-on-one telephone and email consultations, and more. All hybrid programs are 100% tailored to your objectives, industry, content preferences, and schedule.

2024 Summer Series Schedule

Our Six-Session 2024 Summer Webinar Series runs through Wednesday, August 21. 12 NASBA-APPROVED CPEs ( spread over Six 2-CPE programs.

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Prevention & Detection of Conflicts of Interest, Kickbacks & Other Shadow Deals

Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Program Details

  • Presenter: John Hall
  • 2 CPEs in Auditing –
    Fraud & Forensic Accounting
  • Single Program $39

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Wednesday, August 7, 2024

Program Details

  • Guest Presenter: Walter Conway
  • 2 CPEs in Auditing
  • Single Program $39

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Wednesday, August 21, 2024

Program Details

  • Presenter: John Hall
  • 2 CPEs in Auditing
  • Single Program $39

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Fraud Prevention & Detection Skills for CFOs & Their Teams

No other leadership function can do more to prevent business fraud than the Office of the CFO. Each staff member and manager has the unique opportunity to deter, prevent, and quickly detect incidents. In this program, you’ll learn how team members can help, what repeatable daily actions to take, and what anti-fraud leadership role each individual implicitly possesses.

  • Learn how to recruit staff members for your fraud prevention team. 
  • Discover what’s expected of every employee every day.
  • Explore how supervisors and managers can brainstorm risks. 
  • Find out why you’re in the best position to notice strange, odd, or curious transactions & behaviors.
  • Learn how to look, ask, doubt, and resolve before approving transactions.
  • Explore options for reporting suspicions.
  • Discover what to do—and what to avoid—when something doesn’t look right.
  • Find out what you should do next (case examples and brainstorming exercises).
  • Uncover red flags, indicators, and symptoms of problems.

Improve your skills and those of your team members to detect and prevent fraud within your organization. 


How to Audit Better!

Take your audit team and individual auditor results to their highest level yet. This session dives deep into Level 1 Core Skills, Level 2 Behavior & Communication Skills, and Level 3 Internal Consulting Skills for audit professionals in any organization or industry. Discover actions to build speed, measurable value, management action, and a positive lasting impression on those you serve.

  • Discover a better method of audit staff skill development—technical, behavioral, and consulting. 
  • Learn better use of continuous auditing and monitoring of key indicators. 
  • Educate yourself on better audit project planning, execution, reporting, and follow-up. 
  • Learn about baked-in risk brainstorming on every project. 
  • Find out how to perform better audit interviews and presentations. 
  • Discover how to sell audit ideas and influence management action. 
  • Learn how to wipe out the boring audit blues. 

Enroll in this program to get the intensive training and expert insight you need to audit better.


Self-Study Programs

When you have a busy schedule, it can be difficult to find time to learn. Fortunately, we have a more flexible option for earning CPE credits online. We partner with to offer prerecorded NASBA-approved self-study CPE programs. Enrolling in one or more of these programs allows you to work on your professional development at your own pace.

Current CPE-Eligible Programs

The following programs are currently available. They may be purchased and completed at your convenience.

Enroll in one of our programs today and take the next step in your professional auditing career.


Upcoming Courses

Throughout 2023, we’ll roll out new programs (1 hour/CPE credit each) on the following topics:

Fraud Prevention Skills for Managers & Employees

  • Fraud Prevention Skills: Overview
  • Fraud Prevention Skills: Aligning “Tone at the Top” to “Tone in the Middle”
  • Fraud Prevention Skills: Recruiting Every Employee & Business Partner
  • Fraud Prevention Skills: How to Lead Fraud Risk Brainstorming Discussions
  • Fraud Prevention Skills: Practical Fraud Prevention Controls
  • Fraud Prevention Skills: Daily Fraud Prevention Behaviors
  • Fraud Prevention Skills: Essential Skills for Supervisors & Managers
  • Fraud Prevention Skills: Special Challenge Areas & How to React
  • Fraud Prevention Skills: What to Do & What to Avoid When Fraud Is Suspected
  • Fraud Prevention Skills: P-Card, Time Reporting & Expense Reimbursement
  • Fraud Prevention Skills: Preventing Procurement Schemes
  • Fraud Prevention Skills: Managing Contractor Exposures
  • Fraud Prevention Skills: Cash, Inventory & Equipment Theft

Internal Auditing Performance

  • Better! Auditing: Project Planning
  • Better! Auditing: Fraud & Other Risk Brainstorming
  • Better! Auditing: Announcing the Audit Project
  • Better! Auditing: Entrance Conference and Kick-Off Meetings
  • Better! Auditing: How to Improve Every Audit Interview
  • Better! Auditing: Critical Presentation Skills for Auditors
  • Better! Auditing: How to Sell Audit Ideas & Influence Management Action
  • Better! Auditing: Leading Effective Closing Meetings
  • Better! Auditing: How to Beat the Boring Audit Blues
  • Better! Auditing: Five Things to Never Say During Audit Interviews & Presentations

Internal Auditing Fraud Topics

  • Fraud & The Auditor: How Audit Can Lead a Value-Add Fraud Prevention Campaign
  • Fraud & The Auditor: How to Brainstorm Fraud Risks
  • Fraud & The Auditor: How to Build from Fraud Risk to Audit Program Steps
  • Fraud & The Auditor: Three-Step Fraud Detection – on Every Audit Project
  • Fraud & The Auditor: Fraud Discovery Audit Tests
  • Fraud & The Auditor: Discovery-Focused Interviews
  • Fraud & The Auditor: Monitoring for Fraud Symptoms
  • Fraud & The Auditor: Responding to Fraud Incidents
  • Fraud & The Auditor: Three Cases, Two Lessons & One Critical Action
  • Fraud & The Auditor: Detecting Procurement Schemes
  • Fraud & The Auditor: Detecting Contracting Schemes
  • Fraud & The Auditor: Detecting Construction Overcharges
  • Fraud & The Auditor: Cooking Financial Results
  • Fraud & The Auditor: Cooking Non-Financial & Operating Results
  • Fraud & The Auditor: 20 Detection Suggestions – Procurement & Contracting

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