Your Past Is Not Your Future

Your Past Is Not Your Future – Better! Results Tip #2

Terri Said, “I’ll never be able to get the top spot here. Pursuing goals like that just isn’t part of where I come from.” Yikes! What a limiting statement to have about yourself and your abilities. And it certainly caused an abrupt change in our performance coaching conversation. Of course Terri could get the top […]

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better results tip

Everyone Wants One Thing – Better Results Tip #1

Right now, make a choice. Decide on just one thing that you believe everyone wants. And the answer has to be just one word. When I was first confronted by that powerful question by my results coach, I sat silently for a full five minutes before coming to an answer. That was over five years […]

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he Anti-Fraud Toolkit Structure

Fraud Prevention Tip #42: Be Ready to Respond

Here’s an exercise that will keep you awake at night. Assume that despite your best efforts at fraud prevention, you get hit anyway. What should you expect when fraud is detected? Explode False Beliefs Start by exploding these three myths: 1. We’re ready to address what might come up 2. The authorities will take care […]

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board members

Fraud Prevention Tip #41: Train Your Board Members

There is an assumption that once an individual is accepted into a Board position, they are qualified to provide governance oversight of the organization’s anti-fraud efforts. But for most Board members, nothing could be further from the truth. History is filled with examples of corporate corruption and fraud at the highest levels that occurred right […]

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webinar training

Fraud Prevention Tip #40: Record an Anti-Fraud Webinar or Teleconference

Here’s where you get to have some real fun. Prepare and personally lead a 15-minute Webinar or audio conference call addressing one of the anti-fraud ideas on your list. Use any of the ideas in these Fraud Prevention articles as the basis for your script and slides. Webinars and teleconference calls are an inexpensive, easy, […]

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