preparation for fraud incident

Fraud Prevention Tip #43: Build The Response Team Before It’s Needed

Near our home, there’s a city firehouse. Inside 24 hours a day are trained professionals ready to go when the alarm sounds. Their equipment is maintained in outstanding condition, their trucks are fueled, and their protective jackets, boots and helmets are already in place. They don’t wait for the alarm to go off before thinking […]

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Adviser Leadership Management Director Responsibility

Fraud Prevention Tip #35: Write About Your Fraud Risks and Better Practices for Managing These Risks

One of the easiest (and least expensive!) ways to teach your employees about how to manage their fraud risks is to write about it. Short ‘how to’ articles published in organization electronic portals, websites and newsletters are the perfect place to provide direction. These articles should all address one common theme: How do I know? […]

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skills training

Fraud Prevention Tip #32: Provide ‘How-to’ Anti-Fraud Skills Training

All right. Buckle your seat belts. Here’s the single most important thing you need to do to fight fraud. Teach every employee, supervisor, manager, executive and board member the skills they need to fight fraud. So simple. So ‘common sense’. Yet as my business results coach continually reminds me – too often common sense is […]

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fraud investigation

Fraud Prevention Tip #1: Eight Fundamentals of Fraud Risk Management

Every leader in every business, education, government and not-for-profit organization has at least one thing on common. They all want to prevent fraud from happening on their watch. To build, implement and sustain an effective Anti-Fraud Campaign, here are eight ideas to increase your odds of success. Strong Prevention Controls – Formal procedures and daily […]

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