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Fraud Prevention Tip #32: Provide ‘How-to’ Anti-Fraud Skills Training

All right. Buckle your seat belts. Here’s the single most important thing you need to do to fight fraud. Teach every employee, supervisor, manager, executive and board member the skills they need to fight fraud. So simple. So ‘common sense’. Yet as my business results coach continually reminds me – too often common sense is […]

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While there are many prevention and deterrence steps you can take, here are three critical components of any business anti-fraud program.

3 Key Components of an Anti-Fraud Program

Somewhere out there, your business is probably being targeted for fraud. Internet-based hackers, international organized crime organizations, and even a small percentage of employees all see your business assets and information as too tempting to ignore. But what should you do to deter these barbarians at the gate – or already inside your business? Managing […]

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Interpersonal skills: the lesson from Rufus

It’s another day at an airport. Passengers are lined up for United flight 422 from Denver to the east coast. I’m third in line to board the plane on a busy Monday morning in late March. Several passengers are returning home from Colorado mountain ski vacations. Just as many are business travelers starting another week […]

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