Become a Relevant Expert – Better! Results Idea #10

 It’s limiting to believe we have nothing unique and valuable to offer others through our work. Too many employees think, “Anyone could do this job.” Agreed. Some job positions are easier to learn and execute than others. But all jobs in our complex business environment require a degree of expertise before mastery is attained. And […]

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your compensation and career advancement

Good Work Must be Visible

My business performance client Mary looked at me across the table. Her eyes grew distant as she said, “It’s just so frustrating. I work hard and produce solid results. I’m dependable and I never make waves. But no one seems to notice.” Sound familiar? I’m guessing if you follow along with the ideas and examples […]

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Selling Yourself

Selling Yourself With Your Resume

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking of your resume as a list of qualifications and accomplishments. What will really makes it work for you is to treat it as a sales brochure, highlighting all of the reasons why an employer should look at you for the benefits you bring to them. […]

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