Better! Results Idea #10: Become a Relevant Expert

It’s limiting to believe we have nothing unique and valuable to offer others through our work. Too many employees think, “Anyone could do this job.” Agreed. Some job positions are easier to learn and execute than others. But all jobs in our complex business environment require a degree of expertise before mastery is attained. And […]

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Definition of the word Competence highlighted in green with felt tip pen

Better! Results Idea #3: Build on Strengths

Mary was obsessing about what she described as a weakness in her work. When co-workers asked her how things were going, she would launch into how frustrated she was about it. She would say, “Every day, I spend an hour trying to get better at this skill I’ll need in my next job if I […]

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Good Work Must be Visible

My business performance client Mary looked at me across the table. Her eyes grew distant as she said, “It’s just so frustrating. I work hard and produce solid results. I’m dependable and I never make waves. But no one seems to notice.” Sound familiar? I’m guessing if you follow along with the ideas and examples […]

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In Just One Word – Better!

My business performance coach posed a great question. “If you could describe in just a single word the overall purpose of your work, what would that word be?” Now I may not know all the answers, but I knew that one. The word is Better! Everything I do in my work – in every keynote […]

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