Be Honest – What’s Holding You Back? – Better! Results Tip #9

 Coaching client Katie expressed her frustration with great passion and clarity. “I just can’t get the traction I need to move my career forward at the speed I want. Or any speed most days!” Bang! She nailed it! So while she was in this charged-up state, we immediately invested 15 minutes in a simple exercise […]

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Get A Little Exercise – Better! Results Tip #8

  2 PM, and I’ve been sitting at my desk since early this morning. Two cups of coffee, and a very short lunch break. The projectdeadline is just a few days away, and I’m feeling stuck, lethargic, and totally un-creative. Time to giv e myself the free gift of a walk around the block. I […]

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Embrace That You’re Self-Employed (Even if You’re An Employee) – Better! Results Tip #6

When I bring up this concept at my live training events, I always get quite a few skeptical looks. And I certainly understand – because most of the participants in my Better! Results seminars are employees, supervisors and managers. That means they work for someone else, draw a salary, have benefits, travel each day to […]

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Thinking is the hardest work we do

Stop What You’re Doing – Better! Results Tip #3

“Thinking is the hardest work we do.” This famous quote has been attributed to Henry Ford. It appears in offices and schools on motivational posters and coffee mugs. But what’s missing from this energizing message is the next line, and it’s oh-so important. So let me give you the whole thing here: “Thinking is the […]

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Your Past Is Not Your Future

Your Past Is Not Your Future – Better! Results Tip #2

Terri Said, “I’ll never be able to get the top spot here. Pursuing goals like that just isn’t part of where I come from.” Yikes! What a limiting statement to have about yourself and your abilities. And it certainly caused an abrupt change in our performance coaching conversation. Of course Terri could get the top […]

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