Closeup portrait of young couple, man and woman ; one being excited, smiling, showing thumbs up, other serious, concerned, unhappy showing thumbs down, isolated on white background. Emotion contrasts

Better! Results Idea #5: Respect Opinions – Seek Facts

“You can have your own opinions, but you can’t have your own facts.” This well-worn line has been used by politicians for decades. In reply I say, “Amen. I hear you. I agree.” There’s a big difference between opinion and facts. Both have their place in pursuing our goals. Opinions and preferences provide the emotional […]

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bad boss

The Biggest Signs that You are a Bad Boss

Oh boy. This is a subject that people never really want to talk about, but if you can’t pinpoint where the problems lie in your business that prevent it from really flourishing, it might be time to analyze yourself. When you’re the boss in any organization, you’re almost never going to have universal popularity. However, […]

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