better results tip

Everyone Wants One Thing – Better Results Tip #1

Right now, make a choice. Decide on just one thing that you believe everyone wants. And the answer has to be just one word. When I was first confronted by that powerful question by my results coach, I sat silently for a full five minutes before coming to an answer. That was over five years […]

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preparation for fraud incident

Fraud Prevention Tip #43: Build The Response Team Before It’s Needed

Near our home, there’s a city firehouse. Inside 24 hours a day are trained professionals ready to go when the alarm sounds. Their equipment is maintained in outstanding condition, their trucks are fueled, and their protective jackets, boots and helmets are already in place. They don’t wait for the alarm to go off before thinking […]

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he Anti-Fraud Toolkit Structure

Fraud Prevention Tip #42: Be Ready to Respond

Here’s an exercise that will keep you awake at night. Assume that despite your best efforts at fraud prevention, you get hit anyway. What should you expect when fraud is detected? Explode False Beliefs Start by exploding these three myths: 1. We’re ready to address what might come up 2. The authorities will take care […]

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webinar training

Fraud Prevention Tip #40: Record an Anti-Fraud Webinar or Teleconference

Here’s where you get to have some real fun. Prepare and personally lead a 15-minute Webinar or audio conference call addressing one of the anti-fraud ideas on your list. Use any of the ideas in these Fraud Prevention articles as the basis for your script and slides. Webinars and teleconference calls are an inexpensive, easy, […]

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Adviser Leadership Management Director Responsibility

Fraud Prevention Tip #35: Write About Your Fraud Risks and Better Practices for Managing These Risks

One of the easiest (and least expensive!) ways to teach your employees about how to manage their fraud risks is to write about it. Short ‘how to’ articles published in organization electronic portals, websites and newsletters are the perfect place to provide direction. These articles should all address one common theme: How do I know? […]

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