Changing Habits

Changing Habits Is A Campaign, Not An Event – Better! Results Tip #13

Several years ago, my speaking coach asked me to bring what he called ‘game tape’ to our next meeting. So I looked through the video recordings in my files from recent keynote presentations, and picked the one I thought was best. Two cameras, full lights, great stage in Las Vegas, and about 600 in the […]

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Be Honest – What’s Holding You Back? – Better! Results Tip #9

 Coaching client Katie expressed her frustration with great passion and clarity. “I just can’t get the traction I need to move my career forward at the speed I want. Or any speed most days!” Bang! She nailed it! So while she was in this charged-up state, we immediately invested 15 minutes in a simple exercise […]

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Ask “How May I Help You?” – Better! Results Tip #7

Every one of us has something to offer others. Help them with a problem, a challenge or a moment of opportunity. “How may I help you?” is a simple yet powerful offer. It tells the other person that you’re interested in them. It positions you as someone who is open to providing value. And in […]

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Embrace That You’re Self-Employed (Even if You’re An Employee) – Better! Results Tip #6

When I bring up this concept at my live training events, I always get quite a few skeptical looks. And I certainly understand – because most of the participants in my Better! Results seminars are employees, supervisors and managers. That means they work for someone else, draw a salary, have benefits, travel each day to […]

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Be Attractive – Better! Results Tip #5

What the heck does that mean? Be attractive!!! John, are you suggesting that we buy fancy clothes and expensive shoes, wear makeup, get cosmetic surgery to compensate for perceived facial flaws, and do whatever else can be done to make ourselves more pretty or handsome? Certainly not. What I’m suggesting is to become more aware […]

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