4 Tips to Go From “Average” to “Extraordinary”

4 Tips to Go From Average to Extraordinary

Do the math: whenever we calculate an average for any skill, half of us fall below that mark. But just because we may be below average at something doesn’t mean we can’t quickly move up the ladder and achieve excellence.

It is probably easier than we would expect to become above average in just about anything.

Here are four action steps on how we can accomplish that target:

  • Become competent. This is the first and most important step of moving past “average” at anything; achieve competence. You don’t have to become an expert at this particular thing, or even great at it in the early competencygoing, but if you just start off by working hard to become competent,  everything else will fall into line from there. Set the goal of becoming a little better – a little more competent – every day.
  • Begin with the end in mind. Stephen Covey used this phrase as the foundation of his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. If you have a clear end goal in mind, you’re much more likely to achieve it. You’d be amazed at how many people don’t set specific goals for themselves. When you ask these people why they’ve made certain life choices or what they hope to accomplish in their career, they simply don’t know. You’ll find it much easier to go from average to extraordinary if you have a specific end goal set firmly in your mind.
  • Stay on the cutting edge. In the business world, if you don’t stay up-to-date with technology then you’re doomed to fall way behind your competition. Leverage technology in as many areas of your business as you can. Use this leverage to move past “average” at a quick rate.
  • Treat everyone with respect. This might not be as much of a self-improvement tip as the other items on this list, but it’s still extremely important. The more you put others before yourself and the better you treat them, the more likely they are to reciprocate. Make respect for others one of your core operating principles. Be genuine. Most will do the same for you – they’ll get on your team and help you to get better and move ahead.

My foundation goal in all endeavors is to be Better! every day. Better tomorrow than today, better next week than this week, and so on into the future.

How about joining me in this simple goal to be Better! It’ll make all the difference in the world.

Start to move today from competent, to average, to Better! From there, Extraordinary! is just a short step away.

John J. Hall, CPA

John J. Hall, CPA







John J. Hall, CPA, is an author, speaker and results expert who presents around the world at conventions, corporate meetings and association events.

Throughout his 35-year career as a business consultant, corporate executive and professional speaker, John has helped organizations and individuals achieve measurable results. He inspires audience members in corporations, not-for-profit organizations and professional associations to step up, take action and “do what you can.”