Lead by Example

Fraud Prevention Tip #9: Every Executive, Manager and Supervisor Must Lead by Example

In building an anti-fraud culture, clear strong policies are important. But policies without consistent daily example by leaders will leave employees, suppliers and others confused when making critical decisions. Here are four attributes of leading by example. 1. You protect your signature and everyone knows it. Before you approve any transaction, you spot check details, […]

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Boss in his office reading newspaper - the business section

Fraud Prevention Tip #2: Fight Through What Holds You Back

As CFO for his $3 billion company, David has a lot on his plate. Rapid growth, thin controls in new overseas markets, monthly and quarterly reporting deadlines, and overseeing a staff of over 75. Fact is he just never gets time to actively address fraud risks. He knows he should. But so far his efforts […]

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sharpen your focus

Better! Results Idea #2: Focus

Session three of my coaching engagement with Jerry. He keeps bringing the discussion back to a very minor performance issue that he was working on at his job. As I glanced at the clock, I realized he had just consumed 20 minutes of our hour long meeting obsessing on just one minor symptom of his […]

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