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Fraud Prevention Tip #43: Build The Response Team Before It’s Needed

Near our home, there’s a city firehouse. Inside 24 hours a day are trained professionals ready to go when the alarm sounds. Their equipment is maintained in outstanding condition, their trucks are fueled, and their protective jackets, boots and helmets are already in place. They don’t wait for the alarm to go off before thinking […]

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he Anti-Fraud Toolkit Structure

Fraud Prevention Tip #42: Be Ready to Respond

Here’s an exercise that will keep you awake at night. Assume that despite your best efforts at fraud prevention, you get hit anyway. What should you expect when fraud is detected? Explode False Beliefs Start by exploding these three myths: 1. We’re ready to address what might come up 2. The authorities will take care […]

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Fraud Prevention Tip #41: Train Your Board Members

There is an assumption that once an individual is accepted into a Board position, they are qualified to provide governance oversight of the organization’s anti-fraud efforts. But for most Board members, nothing could be further from the truth. History is filled with examples of corporate corruption and fraud at the highest levels that occurred right […]

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Fraud Prevention Tip #2: Fight Through What Holds You Back

As CFO for his $3 billion company, David has a lot on his plate. Rapid growth, thin controls in new overseas markets, monthly and quarterly reporting deadlines, and overseeing a staff of over 75. Fact is he just never gets time to actively address fraud risks. He knows he should. But so far his efforts […]

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Fraud Prevention Tip #1: Eight Fundamentals of Fraud Risk Management

Every leader in every business, education, government and not-for-profit organization has at least one thing on common. They all want to prevent fraud from happening on their watch. To build, implement and sustain an effective Anti-Fraud Campaign, here are eight ideas to increase your odds of success. Strong Prevention Controls – Formal procedures and daily […]

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