eat the frog

Eat the Frog – Better! Results Tip #12

American author and populist philosopher Mark Twain is given credit for a simple quote that changed how I start my day. If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. A quick Internet search of this quote will show you the many writers, speakers, bloggers and […]

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Help Your Boss Be A Hero

Help Your Boss Be A Hero – Better! Results Tip #11

Cheryl threw her hands above her head and let out a sigh of frustration. All I had asked was how things were going with her new boss. Clearly, they weren’t going well. Sound familiar? Let’s step back a minute and consider Cheryl’s point of view and career objectives. Like most, she wanted to opportunity to […]

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Get A Little Exercise – Better! Results Tip #8

  2 PM, and I’ve been sitting at my desk since early this morning. Two cups of coffee, and a very short lunch break. The projectdeadline is just a few days away, and I’m feeling stuck, lethargic, and totally un-creative. Time to giv e myself the free gift of a walk around the block. I […]

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Ask “How May I Help You?” – Better! Results Tip #7

Every one of us has something to offer others. Help them with a problem, a challenge or a moment of opportunity. “How may I help you?” is a simple yet powerful offer. It tells the other person that you’re interested in them. It positions you as someone who is open to providing value. And in […]

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Embrace That You’re Self-Employed (Even if You’re An Employee) – Better! Results Tip #6

When I bring up this concept at my live training events, I always get quite a few skeptical looks. And I certainly understand – because most of the participants in my Better! Results seminars are employees, supervisors and managers. That means they work for someone else, draw a salary, have benefits, travel each day to […]

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