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6-Step Fraud Prevention Guide

6-Step Fraud Prevention Guide

This resource is an excellent starting point if you’re looking for help to develop your own fraud prevention plan. Our 6-Step Fraud Prevention Guide is one of our most popular business success tools—and with good reason.

The guide walks you through proven steps for preventing wrongdoing, misconduct, theft, and fraud—all of which can damage your organization if not addressed properly.

  • Learn who should lead the anti-fraud charge in your organization. 
  • Find out how to issue a meaningful policy on fraud responsibilities. 
  • Discover how to recruit every employee in your fraud prevention efforts. 
  • Find out how to perform a useful fraud risk assessment. 
  • Learn how to build a “fraud loss scorecard” for your organization—the starting point for improvement.
  • Discover how to build solid anti-fraud control procedures and behaviors. 
  • Receive insight into fraud prevention and detection “how-to” skills training.

Get on the path to better fraud prevention!

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