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Conference Keynotes & Breakout Sessions

You can ensure your next event is unforgettable by inviting Hall Consulting to speak. Usually running from one to three hours, these programs are delivered in a conference or team meeting setting rather than the traditional training classroom. But we’ll easily match your desired length, delivery format, and audience size. We offer a wide range of conference keynote presentations covering crucial business topics that will educate, engage, and inspire those in your organization. Hall Consulting’s instructors even organize breakout sessions to encourage further learning and participation.

Ethics, Integrity, Compliance & Fraud

Daily ethical behavior in business protects organizations against financial loss, reputation damage, embarrassment, and the massive cost of recovery from misconduct incidents. Yet, unethical acts are on the rise. During this keynote presentation, you and your team will learn exactly what to do—and avoid—in building an ethics-based, high-integrity business environment.

  • Discover why too many managers and staff stare ethical principles in the eye, then do the opposite.
  • Learn why anyone might commit fraud and how to lower the probability on your watch.
  • Explore the slippery slope of pressure, opportunity, and especially rationalization.
  • Find out how to build a solid four-legged foundation: ethics in principle, integrity in action, compliance verification, and offender accountability.
  • Uncover 10 common controls and 4 daily behaviors that support your fraud prevention goals.

Take a deep dive into the principles of business ethics and the implementation of proper business policies.

A projector in front of the Ethics, Integrity, Compliance & Fraud seminar
A lecture at the front of the Business Fraud Prevention in Six Easy Steps seminar

Business Fraud Prevention in Six Easy Steps

There are many factors to consider for fraud prevention, which can make it feel overwhelming. Fortunately, our proven six-step fraud prevention strategy is already in place at hundreds of organizations—and can be easily and efficiently bolted onto what you already have set up. By participating in this presentation, you and your team will discover a simpler way to prevent fraud and similar wrongdoing.

  • Learn how to build, implement, and lead a meaningful fraud prevention campaign.
  • Discover how to make the “Tone at the Top” the “Tone Everywhere.”
  • Gain insight into assigning a role to every employee and manager right where they work.
  • Learn how to state employee and supervisor expectations with precision & clarity.
  • Find out how to breathe life into dull ethics, behavior, and compliance policies and training.
  • Master employee brainstorming of fraud risks in every department.
  • Uncover the best anti-fraud controls and daily behaviors.
  • Make a case for employee fraud prevention skills training—to close dangerous gaps.

Bring in Hall Consulting to educate your team members on mitigating fraud risk within your organization.


10 Reasons Controls Break Down—and What to Do About It

This session provides a fast-paced, high-energy analysis of why pretty much every business control fails over time. More than that, it mixes real-world examples with a heavy touch of humor to engage participants and open them up to necessary behavior changes. By the end, you and your team will better understand how to implement, maintain, and monitor solid internal controls.

  • Learn about the 10 reasons business controls fail—and what to do about them.
  • Discover the 11th reason we have a hard time acknowledging & repairing control weaknesses.
  • Explore well-known and lesser-known examples from real-life business news.
  • Learn how to change organizational and employee muscle memory to counteract risks.
  • Dive into “Upstream Solution” actions to head off mistakes before they occur.

Look forward to an entertaining and educational session about internal controls that will benefit your organization.

A group of business people attending the 10 Reasons Controls Break Down—and What to Do about It seminar
The Business Fraud Risk Management seminar.

Business Fraud Risk Management

The risk of misconduct, wrongdoing, theft, and outright fraud exists in every industry and organization. But very few executives, operations, finance, sales, and other managers precisely understand these risks—or know with certainty how to counteract them. In this program, you’ll receive the expert insight you need to expose and close those gaps in knowledge and action.

  • Discover what exactly Business Fraud Risk Management is—and what it isn’t.
  • Learn how it differs from fraud prevention. 
  • Find out how to calculate your organization’s current cost of wrongdoing, theft, and fraud.
  • Learn how and where Fraud Risk Management aligns with other Risk Management efforts.
  • Explore the critical actions in Fraud Risk Management and how to make them stick.

Enlist the help of Hall Consulting to gain a firm grasp of Fraud Risk Management and improve your approach.


Do What You Can! Simple Steps—Extraordinary Results

This motivational conference keynote presentation is based on John Hall’s award-winning book—Do What You Can! Simple Steps, Extraordinary Results. It lays out a proven framework and action plan for team and individual results improvement that can be easily applied to any organization, department, or individual employee’s short- or long-term goals.

  • Learn how to clarify “why” before “how” in pursuing any personal goal or business objective.
  • Discover how to achieve conscious alignment of goals with team and individual values.
  • Uncover the reality of “what is now”—the foundation for initial steps and sustained action.
  • Learn how to create measurable progress signs and color in the details.
  • Figure out how to draft your plan for success. 
  • Find out the keys to taking massive, sustained daily action. 
  • Get insight into measuring, adjusting, and reacting. 
  • Equip yourself with a one-page action step checklist and planning tool.

Enjoy an inspiring presentation designed to put you and your team on the path toward better results.

A projector in front of the Do What You Can! Simple Steps—Extraordinary Results seminar

Group Live In-Person Skills Training Seminars

Live in-person training is the most effective method of enhancing existing skills. The combination of tailored lectures, individual and group exercises, simulations, and custom action lists all contribute to better-sustained performance. Program objectives, length, examples, and other variables are all set in consultation with you. Special pricing is available for multiple programs, dates, and locations. 

A small break group of the Building a Fraud Prevention Culture—in Every Department seminar

Building a Fraud Prevention Culture—in Every Department

Many organizations struggle with bridging the gap between ethics in principle and integrity in action. Fortunately, Hall Consulting’s skills training experts are available to design and lead an educational training seminar that shows you how. During the workshop, you and your team will learn how to build a culture in your organization that prioritizes fraud prevention. 

  • Discover six critical building blocks for the entire organization and every department.
  • Learn what every leader needs to say and do. 
  • Learn how to translate “Tone at the Top” to the “Tone Everywhere.”
  • Build a talking point script for supervisors at every level.
  • Explore fraud risk brainstorming exercises for every department.
  • Uncover case examples from the press, instructor experience, and other sources.
  • Receive action checklists tailored to industry and client organization-specific risks. 
  • Find out how to recruit every manager, supervisor, and employee into fraud prevention efforts. 

Make sure your entire team is on the same page regarding fraud prevention by bringing in Hall Consulting.


Managing Fraud Risks in Procurement & Contracting

This training seminar addresses the fraud risks inherent in procurement and contracting and presents solutions for managers and auditors interested in guarding against the costs and other negative consequences. Short on theory and long on practical ideas, the program will give participants the tools and techniques they need “on the job.”

  • Explore real-world examples of fraud in procurement and contracting. 
  • Learn how to create and maintain an anti-fraud procurement environment. 
  • Discover how to screen potential suppliers and contractors. 
  • Find out why and how to audit suppliers and contractors. 
  • Explore the good, bad, and ugly of lump-sum, cost-plus, T&M, and unit pricing deals.
  • Get examples of fraud in awarding contractors, subcontracts, and supply orders. 
  • Dive into fraud risks in construction contracting and billing. 
  • Learn about exposures in change orders and pricing. 
  • Find out how to implement a vendor assurance program. 
  • Learn how to deal with management resistance to an active procurement audit plan. 

Hold this training seminar at your organization and get in front of fraud risks in procurement and contracting.

A group of coworkers learning how to maintain anti-fraud environment.
People taking notes at the Managing Fraud Risks in Time Reporting, Expense Reimbursement & P-Card Transactions seminar

Managing Fraud Risks in Time Reporting, Expense Reimbursement & P-Card Transactions

Cheating incidents in these small-dollar areas aren’t likely to destroy your organization. But they can eat away at profitability, destroy employee trust, and ruin morale. Fortunately, it’s an easy fix. In this employee skills training program, participants are guided through deterrence, prevention, quick detection, and effective incident handling of wrongdoing and theft in these and related small-transaction risk areas.

  • Learn what can go wrong and related red flags in these nuisance systemic fraud areas.
  • Discover three specific steps required to deter small-dollar employee fraud.
  • Explore opportunities for data mining, monitoring, and analytics. 
  • Find out how to quantify existing losses to build management support for action in these everyday risk areas. 
  • Get easy action steps approvers can make in their daily behaviors to minimize opportunities for similar events on their watch. 

Find out how to manage and reduce small-dollar employee fraud within your organization with Hall Consulting.


Interpersonal & Communication Soft Skills for Auditors

Professional auditors must have outstanding technical skills, but they also need to be able to communicate their ideas, influence managers and employees, and drive change. Unfortunately, many auditing experts struggle with their critical soft skills. In this intensive program, participants learn how to build business rapport, conduct interviews, and present and sell action ideas. 

  • Discover how to create an intentional presence in ourselves and our work results. 
  • Learn how to build legitimate business rapport on every audit. 
  • Find out how to improve every audit interview. 
  • Explore critical presentation skills for auditors. 
  • Analyze the steps involved in “selling” an action idea.
  • Dive into leading effective kickoff, status, and closing meetings. 

Find out how to take auditing soft skills to the next level with help from Hall Consulting’s instructors.

Break out group sitting in a circle talking about Interpersonal & Communication Soft Skills for Auditors
A John Hall seminar about Fraud Cases & Their Lessons for Auditors, Managers & Fraud Examiners

Fraud Cases & Their Lessons for Auditors, Managers & Fraud Examiners

This skills training seminar uses recent and classic fraud cases—many handled personally by the instructor. During the program, we’ll review the details of incidents covering misappropriation, manipulation of results, vendor and contractor overcharges, and corruption. You’ll benefit from developing action steps to take back to the job through individual and small work team brainstorming.

  • Review the details, red flags, successes, and failures of real-world cases. 
  • Identify fraud exposures and risks in your own organization. 
  • Learn how to detect fraud and misconduct.
  • Find out how to manage fraud cases, both large and small. 
  • Discover how to document fraud for presentation to management and external parties.
  • Find out how to work effectively with legal, HR, and security specialists. 
  • Gain insight into building a fraud resource guide and investigative checklist. 
  • Learn how to avoid common case handling mistakes.
  • Explore how to assist management with fraud prevention and detection efforts.

Enjoy a valuable training seminar with real-world examples by bringing in Hall Consulting.


Looking for Something Different?

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