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Keynote Presentations

Speakers hold the key to transforming your event into an enlightening, useful and memorable experience for attendees. No one knows this better than John Hall, a professional speaker, author, business consultant and performance results coach.

Throughout John’s impressive 38-year career in business, he has presented at over 2,000 live events. As a professional speaker, John specializes in giving inspiring keynote speeches and conference general session presentations. He also delivers technical presentations and conference breakout sessions using his own extensive corporate and consulting experience to guide audience members toward measurably better performance every day.

John’s passion for speaking comes from his dedication to coaching businesses and individuals to reach their highest levels of performance. Through the power of presentation, John has motivated countless individuals to clarify their goals, capitalize on strengths, correct weaknesses, and take meaningful daily action toward success. He helps you build on what already works for you, and create new habits where needed.

How you’ll benefit from John’s keynotes and training presentations

All of John’s presentations are 100% focused on your unique culture, needs and goals. We’ll work with you to design a tailored program aimed at exceeding your conference, meeting or training objectives. With your help, we’ll define where you want to go, and then create a high-energy presentation that delivers on just that. We’ll educate, encourage and engage your participants – always with the goals you set in mind.

But we’ll go even further. We’ll inspire your audience to jump into effective action immediately. Not by dragging everyone through too much theory and too little practical advice. Every program we develop and deliver is action-based. And audience members are given proven steps they can take regardless of their existing resources or position in the organization.

As a speaker at technical presentations, breakout sessions and training programs, John takes a hands-on approach to getting the most out of each participant’s experience. Whether through a part-day, full-day or multi-day session, John delivers engaging programs that relate directly to your desired results. 

Help your employees, managers, executives, and others produce outstanding results — every day!

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Get inspired to achieve your greatest success

Sometimes all it takes is one clear message to inspire a lifetime of success. John Hall’s personalized presentation style tailors all content to the needs, goals and experience level of listeners to encourage participation and ensure the message has meaning. Through his speeches and training events, John motivates participants to see their potential, take effective action, and perform at higher levels in every area of their work and personal lives.

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Leadership, Influence and Collaboration Skills for Auditors

To sell their ideas and influence positive action, every professional must master the business skills of leadership, influence and collaboration. And what we need to do that is proven ideas and action steps we can take back and use on the job immediately. In this ‘how to’ session, that’s exactly what you get.