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A Great Blessing – New York on a Clear Summer Night

This evening, I experienced one of the modern world’s great blessings – a clear summer evening in New York City.

Now, I recognize that for many who live or work in New York, this city is a complex combination of noise, crowds, opportunity, 24 hour a day energy, and tremendous stress. But tonight was a special night in the Big Apple. A night that New York called out and said, “Look at me. I’m beautiful!”

Where and why?

The where is the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights. If you know where that is then you also know what I mean. If you don’t, look it up and pledge to visit this spot some summer evening. The Promenade overlooks the dark East River, the lower Manhattan Skyline and the lighted Brooklyn Bridge. Spectacular on the right evening, and tonight was one of those nights.

The why is because tonight was a cool, clear, low humidity night in NYC. One meant for strolling after an excellent dinner at a neighborhood restaurant. One meant for sitting quietly for a few minutes on a park bench, taking in all of the lights, buildings, and bridges of New York, and just letting it all wash over you.

I took a picture with my cell phone camera, but it is fuzzy and doesn’t do the view justice. I hope you’ve seen this too! It simply can’t capture the breathtaking view of the Manhattan skyline and Statue of Liberty, but hopefully it gives you a hint.

It was a night of blessings laid out before me. Reminders of just how fortunate my life situation is. It was a night that nudged me to give thanks for what I have.

What are the simple blessings in your life?

Along with our challenges, we all have many life blessings as well. Most are simple things that face us each day with such certainty that we don’t give them much if any conscious notice.

Why not pause right now – without any further thought or analysis – and notice just one blessing in your life. A person, a job, your home, good health, access to food, and enough money to make it through the week. Breathe out a short thought of thanks.

You are a blessing to me. Thank you for reading my thoughts, for sharing in my New York moment, and for being open to all of the positive things in our lives and work together.

Best wishes for Better! results on your terms.

John J. Hall, CPA

John J. Hall, CPA







John J. Hall, CPA, is an author, speaker and results expert who presents around the world at conventions, corporate meetings and association events.

Throughout his 35-year career as a business consultant, corporate executive and professional speaker, John has helped organizations and individuals achieve measurable results. He inspires audience members in corporations, not-for-profit organizations and professional associations to step up, take action and “do what you can.”