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Consulting & Business Results Coaching

If you need expert help getting your team on the same page, rest assured that Hall Consulting can provide the assistance you need. We offer business consulting and results coaching services through our network of experts in a wide range of areas. By bringing in one of our coaches, you can look forward to receiving valuable outside feedback and practical advice.

Individual & Team Performance Improvement

Improving performance at an individual or team level can be a challenge. Fortunately, results coaching from Hall Consulting can give you and the rest of your team the insight you need to enhance your efforts. Look forward to receiving proven strategies for performance improvement, along with advice that is unique to your organization and objectives. 

  • Learn how to take daily action toward achieving goals. 
  • Ensure everyone on your team is on the same page. 
  • Implement better training and development for those in your organization. 
  • Discover how to provide effective feedback. 
  • Receive an action-oriented guide to achieve better results. 

Schedule a confidential call to discuss your individual or team objectives and get the coaching you need.

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Fraud Risk Assessment

Despite how common fraud is, there is little information available about how to perform a fraud risk assessment. Fortunately, Hall Consulting can help. By signing up for coaching in this area, you and your team can learn exactly what’s involved in performing a fraud risk assessment, how far to go, and what the process should look like for your organization. 

  • Educate yourself and your team on performing a fraud risk assessment. 
  • Learn what questions you should be asking.
  • Assemble your own fraud risk assessment team. 
  • Create a template for assessing fraud risk in your organization. 
  • Determine what fraud prevention internal controls should be put in place.  

Contact us today to ask about receiving custom business consulting and coaching to assess fraud risk.


Internal Audit Department Effectiveness

If you want to step up the results you’re getting from your internal audit team, it may be time to bring in Hall Consulting. In doing so, you’ll get a fully customized training and consulting solution just for you and your team. With this in place, your team will provide daily measurable value throughout your organization. 

  • Educate your internal audit team on what they must do every day to achieve amazing results.
  • Receive helpful insight based on real-world audit experience—adapted to your unique business environment. 
  • Learn how audit results may be accelerated, measured, and reported. 
  • Enjoy coaching on all key audit results areas, including auditor technical and soft skills.
  • Find out how to elevate the internal audit department’s position as a trusted business partner.

Give Hall Consulting a call today and ensure your internal audit department has everything they need to succeed.

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Cybersecurity is a critical component for preventing fraud in your organization. Failing to put safeguards in place can leave your organization vulnerable to both internal and external threats. With business consulting from Hall Consulting’s strategic partners, you can put your entire team in a better position to protect against cyberattacks and close any gaps in your existing approach. 

  • Receive insight into the role cybersecurity plays in fraud. 
  • Learn how to identify vulnerabilities in your cybersecurity. 
  • Educate your team on how to protect important data. 
  • Find out how to communicate cybersecurity-related goals. 
  • Receive an action plan to mitigate cybersecurity risks. 

Bring in Hall Consulting for cybersecurity-based consulting and keep your organization safe.


Business Speaker Training

The ability to speak and present in an effective manner is crucial to business success. But it’s not just managers and other higher-ups who should possess these skills. Every employee needs to master business speaking. By bringing on Hall Consulting, you can ensure that your entire team has the business speaker training required to communicate, educate, engage, and inspire. 

  • Receive personal guidance from a coach with decades of speaking experience. 
  • Learn a simple formula for delivering any business presentation. 
  • Discover tips to eliminate common speaking mistakes. 
  • Find out how to evaluate your team’s and your own communication skills. 
  • Learn how to master new speaking skills with practice. 

Enlist the help of Hall Consulting for business speaker training and turn every team member into an effective speaker.

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Looking for Something Different?

We have more options available, and we can work with you to develop business consulting and results in coaching that fits your individual or team objectives. Contact us today.