Businessman in black shoes standing at the crossroad making decision which way to go - easy or hard

At Decisions – Large and Especially Small – Stop, Think and Choose Better! – Better! Results Tip #15

Example One Diane set a common New Year’s goal. To lose 10 pounds and get herself in better shape. Two days later, she’s at the food market pushing her cart around the store. Produce came first: a head of lettuce. small bag of broccoli, five bananas, and a ripe tomato. A great start in support […]

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Integrity – Better! Results Tip #14

After 40 years as a business and consulting professional – most spent in the fraud and business ethics arena – it takes quite a bit to stun me. But it happened yesterday. The radio interviewer asked the guest what was the most significant development in US politics in 2016. Yeah, I know. Trump v. Clinton, […]

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Changing Habits

Changing Habits Is A Campaign, Not An Event – Better! Results Tip #13

Several years ago, my speaking coach asked me to bring what he called ‘game tape’ to our next meeting. So I looked through the video recordings in my files from recent keynote presentations, and picked the one I thought was best. Two cameras, full lights, great stage in Las Vegas, and about 600 in the […]

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eat the frog

Eat the Frog – Better! Results Tip #12

American author and populist philosopher Mark Twain is given credit for a simple quote that changed how I start my day. If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. A quick Internet search of this quote will show you the many writers, speakers, bloggers and […]

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Help Your Boss Be A Hero

Help Your Boss Be A Hero – Better! Results Tip #11

Cheryl threw her hands above her head and let out a sigh of frustration. All I had asked was how things were going with her new boss. Clearly, they weren’t going well. Sound familiar? Let’s step back a minute and consider Cheryl’s point of view and career objectives. Like most, she wanted to opportunity to […]

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