Fraud Prevention Tip #25: Resolve or Refer Suspicions

Uncertainty Makes The Elephant Anxious (and Gets in the Way of Better! Results) – Better! Results Tip #20

In their wonderful book “Switch: How to Lead Change When Change is Hard” (PLEASE go buy it right now!), brother-authors Chip and Dan Heath put their personal spin on the analogy of a rational rider attempting to lead a huge elephant in a new, unfamiliar but Better! direction. They teach us: “Perched atop the Elephant, […]

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Fraud Prevention Tip

Manage Your Energy (Because People Can Read It) – Better! Results Tip #19

Charlie let loose with a world-class yawn. Right in the middle of the meeting. And we all saw it. “What”, he said. “I’m soooo tired.” Which was apparently soooo true. But it wasn’t anything new. We all knew Charlie was always tired. We ‘saw’ it every day in his work, his pace, his attention to […]

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Say P-B-E – Better! Results Tip #18

I sat in the meeting and watched with wonder as results coaching client Kate delivered the script exactly as we had designed it: P with X and Y, then B with E. You see, Kate is a talented professional in her chosen field. She has a deep background in research and on-the-job experience. But due […]

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Pie chart of eighty twenty rule drawn on white paper

Use the 20/80 Rule – Better! Results Tip #17

Most of us are familiar with the 80/20 Rule of Time Management. Simply put, this rule suggests that 20 percent of our efforts will account for 80 percent of our results (*). I’ve never tried to measure the accuracy of this rule, but I’m comfortable enough with its basic premise to allow it to influence […]

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Find Time to Opt-Out – Better! Results Tip #16

In this era of overwhelming Internet contact and its evil cousin SPAM, we’ve all become familiar with the concept of ‘opting out’ and ‘unsubscribing’. You know, that little hot-link button at the bottom of email offers and electronic advertisements. One click and whoosh, gone forever. (At least in theory…) So here’s the deal. Why not […]

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