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Fraud Prevention Tip #36: Approving Invoices – Good Questions to Ask

One of the most common and important management steps is the review and approval of invoices from suppliers, contractors and service providers. Yet few organizations provide meaningful training on how to review invoices. What to check, where to find the needed information, and what to do when something looks strange, odd or curious to the […]

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Adviser Leadership Management Director Responsibility

Fraud Prevention Tip #35: Write About Your Fraud Risks and Better Practices for Managing These Risks

One of the easiest (and least expensive!) ways to teach your employees about how to manage their fraud risks is to write about it. Short ‘how to’ articles published in organization electronic portals, websites and newsletters are the perfect place to provide direction. These articles should all address one common theme: How do I know? […]

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Fraud Prevention Tip #34: Tell Suppliers & Contractors How To Do Business With You

Healthy relationships with suppliers and contractors are critical to the success of pretty much every business organization. But blind reliance on these third parties can leave us exposed to many risks – including misconduct and fraud. Even highly ethical suppliers and contractors can see their integrity efforts undone by just one of their employees who […]

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Managing 3rd Party Risks

Fraud Prevention Tip #33: Special Attention to Managing 3rd Party Risks

One fraud risk area of special concern comes from relationships with third parties. Here’s why. Your organization’s relationship with employees is governed by law, policy, and operating procedures. There exists a daily ability to supervise, monitor, reward, and discipline individuals. Information needed for these tasks is available with few barriers. Employees generally share the organization’s […]

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