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Fraud Prevention Tip #4: Create a Solid Ethical Foundation

My four-hour presentation on fraud prevention had just ended. Over two hundred people were leaving the room and headed to their next conference session. One man lingered behind in front of the stage, and as I packed up my computer and cables he introduced himself and asked a great question – How do we know […]

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Fraud Prevention Tip #3: The Chief Executive Must Lead the Anti-Fraud Charge

Because they sit at the very top of the organizational pyramid, CEO’s are by definition the Chief Risk Officer – regardless of whether someone reporting to them actually has that title. And when the CEO gives an order, everyone else responds. That’s why the CEO must lead the charge against fraud. Preventing fraud is a […]

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Fraud Prevention Tip #2: Fight Through What Holds You Back

As CFO for his $3 billion company, David has a lot on his plate. Rapid growth, thin controls in new overseas markets, monthly and quarterly reporting deadlines, and overseeing a staff of over 75. Fact is he just never gets time to actively address fraud risks. He knows he should. But so far his efforts […]

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Fraud Prevention Tip #1: Eight Fundamentals of Fraud Risk Management

Every leader in every business, education, government and not-for-profit organization has at least one thing on common. They all want to prevent fraud from happening on their watch. To build, implement and sustain an effective Anti-Fraud Campaign, here are eight ideas to increase your odds of success. Strong Prevention Controls – Formal procedures and daily […]

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